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For Requestors

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  1. Q. Do I have to create an account in SOCLLY to book appointments?

    A. Booking an appointment on SOCLLY does not require registration.

  2. Q. Where will the money go while booking an appointment?

    A. In the beginning, the money will go to the escrow smart contract. It will be transferred to the creator's wallet after the successful completion of the appointment.

For Creators

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  1. Q. How will I make money in this platform?

    A. You have to register yourself as a creator on the platform. Once you are registered as a creator, you can add/edit your skills and availability. After that, Requesters will be able to book your time.

  2. Q. How to get registered as Creator?

    A. Fill out this form: Our team will contact you for further steps.

Common questions

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  1. Q. Can I log in from multiple computers?

    A. You can use our platform from multiple computers as long as you have your digital wallet installed on both.

  2. Q. Which browsers are supported?

    A. We recommend using Chrome, Brave, and Microsoft Edge for the best experience.

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