March 21, 2022
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SOCLLY: A Decentralized Social Network with a Difference

Vaibhav Rajput
Chief Meme Officer

We’re thrilled to announce SOCLLY (read Socially): A decentralized network with a Difference. This is a creator-centric platform where Creators will feel at home. They can use all the tools that we’re offering from the get-go! But before we reveal all the unique offerings of the product, we want to take you through the background journey of SOCLLY and why we even care about the creators more than ever.

The backstory behind the creation of this product involves four significant milestones. Two of these milestones acted as catalysts in kickstarting the development of SOCLLY, while the remaining two points reinforced our belief that this product is crucial in addressing the current need.


The first two subtle online cues changed our views about the Creators and the feeble toolset offered by these centralized giants e.g., Twitter, FB and etc.

Event One

We were avid followers of creators like Jack Butcher, Chris Johnson 17th, LiJin, and Jesse Walden’s work on platforms like Twitter and YouTube.
**Jack Butcher is known for his amazing work of creativity. He distills complex ideas into a compelling visual masterpiece. In October 2020, we were shocked to learn that one of Jack Butcher's Twitter accounts had been suspended. The uproar that followed was massive, and many people observed this event.

Event Two

Li Jin has been a beacon of light for the creator economy. She has continuously voiced her opinion on how creators have little to say no to the revenue creator create through their content for centralized platforms.
She advocated that these revenues should be distributed to the creators. But this was not possible with the centralized platforms of 2020. We’ve read Li jin’s article on how 100 True Fans can help Creators today in the world of the internet and influence. **

We clearly observed an opportunity back then because of Jack Butcher’s event, which deeply affected us & Li Jin’s strong thoughts around the creator economy.
These two events triggered a demand for decentralized social networks. People today need more decentralized options than ever before as they realize that such a de-platforming event could happen to anyone.

After these two events, we started designing the product and its core features. But the next two events are the ones that bolstered our confidence that it's about to become the mainstream need.

Event Three

In the first half of 2021, Vitalik, during his 54-minute talk at EthCC Paris, emphasized the importance of users owning and controlling their data via decentralized Social networks. It was his talk that further strengthened our belief that the issue of decentralization in content and revenue ownership is picking up steam.**

We built the first version and started sharing it with the Creators and collecting feedback.

Event Four

The most important event: in 2022, Following Vitalik's talk, Stani from AAVE launched the Lens protocol, and we were exhilarated. This shaped the course of discussion around the decentralized social network. Later on, We got selected in cohort one of the Lens Saplings Program purely because we were ready to shift our focus to this holistically. LENS became the anchor moment in the product’s journey.

However, We were and are always focused on expanding the base layer of LENS by adding more CREATOR-centric features. We believe that every creator deserves a fair share of the value they bring to the platform. Our mission is to create an ecosystem where they can thrive, collaborate, and engage with their audience, without fear of the platform's control of their data.
Our vision is to create a world where creators have the freedom to express themselves without worrying about censorship or being shut down by centralized entities. Our platform is built on trust, transparency, and a belief in the power of creators to shape the future of social media.

Join us on this journey to create a decentralized social network that puts the power back in the hands of the creators. Together, we can build a better future for all. Let's create a world where every creator can own their data, express themselves, and share their unique perspective with the world.

Creator Onboarding

Initially, the process to become a creator on SOCLLY is invite-only. To become a creator, interested individuals must fill out a form (link) and undergo a verification process. The verification process includes cross-checking the information provided to us. After successful verification, their addresses will be whitelisted by our team to start using the SOCLLY platform as a creator. Very soon, we shall remove this friction as well. So anyone will be able to become a creator and start using the tools which were earlier available only to the selected few.


Decentralized Calendly

It empowers users to schedule appointments without relying on a central server, providing greater control, security, and privacy. Say goodbye to a single point of failure and enjoy the benefits of a peer-to-peer network for quickly scheduling meetings.

Escrow Service

Let Scams Hold You Back - SOCLLY's Web3 Escrow Services Have You Covered! Requester’s money is safe until the services are not rendered from the Creator’s side. No one can scam anyone on SOCLLY.

On-Chain Availability

No More Traditional Scheduling Woes! Decentralized calendly and on-chain availability at your fingertips. Your productivity has never been this efficient!  Don't settle for traditional scheduling methods - embrace the future and take control of your time with this game-changing solution.

On-Chain Review

Honest Feedback, Authentic Fame -  Say goodbye to the chaos of fake reviews with on-chain reviews. The future of review is on-chain claims!

On-chain Reputation

Looking to build a trustworthy reputation in the digital world? On-chain reputation might be the answer you're looking for! SOCLLY allows you to establish a transparent and immutable record of your contributions and accomplishments. on-chain reputation ensures that your hard work is recognized and rewarded in a fair and trustworthy way. Join the movement toward a more decentralized and trustworthy future today!

Sponsored Tweets (Coming soon)

Harness the power of social media and boost your brand's visibility with sponsored tweets. Reach a highly-engaged audience and drive conversions with the help of trusted influencers & creators. Elevate your marketing game and achieve your business goals with this effective strategy!

Token-Gated Courses (Coming soon)

The Future of Education is Here - Token-Gated Courses for Limitless Learning! Access valuable educational content without worrying about the traditional payment barriers with digital tokens, befitting both the instructor and the student, creating a win-win situation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope you found it insightful and thought-provoking.

Vaibhav is the Chief Meme Officer at SOCLLY, where he oversees both the marketing initiatives and community management. With a passion for Web3 social platforms and NFTs, he is always eager to explore and promote these emerging technologies. Vaibhav also has a deep understanding of the creator economy, and he often shares his insights on this topic. In the spare time, he enjoys flexing his design skills using tools like Figma and Canva.

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